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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sany Equipment Used in Hanoi-Haipong Expressway Project

The Vietnam Road and Bridge Corporation purchased Sany’s three pavers and three road rollers in 2013 for the Hanoi-Haipong expressway roadbed construction and one asphalt plant in 2014 for asphalt pavement construction.

The Vietnam Hanoi-Haipong expressway was the first expressway in the northern Vietnam. This project includes 10 sections with a total length of 150 km. There are two ways with four lanes in each way on the expressway. The total width of the expressway is 32m with 16m on each way.
This project used one LB4000B asphalt plant, two SMP90C pavers, one SMP90EC paver and 2 YZC13F double drum road rollers of Sany.

The LB4000B asphalt plant is the first biggest asphalt plant SANY sold in the global market. To ensure the smooth installation and normal operation of the machinery, the branch of SANY in Vietnam sent one installation and adjustment engineer and one service engineer to the construction site to provide real time service for 3 months.

After two-month installation and adjustment, the asphalt plant was ready to use. On July 10, 2014, the engineers came to the site very early and conducted the final inspection of the asphalt plant to confirm all operation switches worked normally, cleaned the mixing engine, and checked if there was any leakage in all pipelines.

After two-hour inspection, no abnormality was found and everything was ready. The test run of the asphalt plant started at 10:00 am. The machinery operated normally with the first tank of asphalt concrete being mixed and discharged successfully. Good performance dispelled customers’ worries and doubts away. Sany’s two engineers were approved because of their efforts and services.

To ensure the normal operation in the whole road construction period, Sany sent three engineers to the job site and addressed problems timely. The asphalt plant satisfactorily completed the production task of the roadbed with a production of 256,000 tons after 800-hours normal operation.  

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SANY SE16520 High Speed Double-fed Wind Turbine Generator

Sany’s SE 16520 is a high speed double-fed wind turbine generator features high power generation and high reliability, low construction cost, and low maintenance costs. It has six specific characteristics.

1.   Sany remarkably improves the turbine speed regulating range, allowing the turbines to run at optimal capacity, while improving the power curve, power generation capacity and reducing the cut-in speed and rated wind speed.
2.   The wind turbine generators can automatically adjust the relationship between power and rotation speed to adapt to environmental changes, such as air density, temperature and humidity, and other factors through improvement of the control algorithm. This means few errors and will perfectly match the turbine operation parameters and actual environmental condition, aerodynamic and mechanical characteristics.
3.   The stator side of the doubly fed wind power generator outputs voltage and frequency the same as those of the power grid. This is accomplished by magnetizing the rotor side of the doubly fed wind power generator, and carrying out independent active and reactive decoupling control according to grid requirements.
4.   Hydraulic cylinders provide powerful driving force, fast response, and high precision pitch control.
5.   Sany has the patent of the real-time yaw control technology which provides precise horizontal orientation with a low impact start and stop system.

6.   The wind turbine generator uses high strength materials with flexible structural design, making it adapt to different blade types, hubs and gearboxes. This helps reduce cost in construction, transportation and services.

Sany Website:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sany SY485H, the Son of Mines

As the representative of Sany large excavators, SY485H is designed by Sany R&D group consisting of 30 people who has been researching, testing and improving on SY485H for 3years. This R&D group includes 2 Chinese experts, 3 distinguished foreign experts and 10 senior engineers.
Sany SY485H is specially designed for mining market, the tailored-made design enables the machine to be of high reliability, heavy load bearing ability and low fuel consumption. The SY485H possesses four domestic initiative technique spotlights--the first excavator using inherent filtration system, the first excavator equipped with GB3 engine, the first excavator using separate radiator, and the first excavator whose structural parts’ life extends to 10,000 hours.

In order to guarantee the dispel quality used in mines, Sany SY485H adopts inherent filtration system and high-precision fuel filter system, which makes the fuel cleanliness standard meet with the requirement of GB3 engine. In the meanwhile, equipped with GB3 engine, SY485H not only satisfies domestic upgrading emission standard, but also meets with the working conditions in mines. In addition, the separate hydraulic radiator greatly improves the heat dissipation potential of hydraulic oil, which guarantees the operating performance and hydraulic system life of SY485H.
SY485H adopts the control system and core components with Sany IPR, and newly designed appearance was adopted, which is robust, strong and simple. All of the specifications are in the leading position level of the industry, which makes SY485H become the outstanding representative among the excavators with same tonnage. SY485H is a kind of large excavators.
It is said that Sany SY485H has passed the strictest test system. There are as many as 700 testing sites arranged to test the excavator’s capability, the standard of which is 30% higher than the industry. The experiment for durability and adaptability in mines lasts for 2 years in order to ensure SY485H keep a good performance in harsh conditions. The life of hydraulic parts, covering parts, engine and radiator is 30% longer than the industry.

The nearly perfect experiment and data are the source of confidence for SY485H to capture the market and conquer the mines. Sany hopes that this large excavator can bring high-quality life for customers as well as inject fresh blood and energy for excavator industry.  Hydraulic excavator for sale in China.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sany SY365H-9, the “Iron Man” of Excavators

Excavators have become one of the most important construction machines. Focused on improving self-innovation and R&D capability, Sany Heavy Industry has been in the leading position of excavator sales for many years. From July to September of 2014, Sany golbal totally sold 2,900 units of excavators weighing below 6 tons. The total sales amount of Sany excavator successively ranked No.1 in the industry, which changes the situation that foreign brands monopolize Chinese excavator market for a long time.

SY365H-9 is the “iron man” of Sany excavators, specially designed for mineral construction. Different from other excavators, SY365H-9 improves its parts greatly. The broadened and lengthened chain board the strengthened X frame and the enhanced jibs contribute to the safety and reliability of SY365H-9. Launched in 2011, the market share of Sany heavy excavator increased every year. After innovations of several generations, the performance of SY365H-9 is stable and durable, winning the recognition of customers and becoming a true “iron man” fighting in the quarry and mine.

Equipped with ISUZU AA-6HK1XQP engine, Sany SY365H-9 features high efficiency, low consumption and fluent power supply, saving more than 15% of the fuel. In order to improve the power of the bucket rod, the board under the bucket rod is strengthened, which not only effectively extends the rod life but also improves the digging force of SY365H-9 to 180KN. What is more, the bucket rod adopts advanced robot automatic welding and online examining welding quality, which makes the welding level reach the national first-class standard, and the heavy-duty walking device greatly enhance its stability.

The excellent performance of Sany SY365H-9 in controllability, stability, digging force and walking speed not only makes it become the sales champion but strengthens Sany’ s leading position in the industry. We believe that Sany can go further on the way to its internationalization.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Concrete pump maintenance in summer

Engineering machinery working in the summer has to withstand the long-lasting jobs and high temperature. High temperatures not only affect the operator's working environment and health, but also do harm to construction machinery engine, cooling system, hydraulic system, circuit and the tires. So it's very important to know how to maintain Concrete Pump to avoid mechanical accident in high temperature. Here are some tips about Concrete Pump maintenance in high temperature. Concrete Pump is a kind of engineering machinery. Trailer concrete pump is a kind of concrete pump.

1. Do a good job in the concrete pumps maintenance in the early stage
In summer, it is better to do a comprehensive maintenance for concrete pump, and replacement engine oil, oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, replacement or adjustment the tape, check the fan, water pumps, generators, is reliable or not, if necessary, carry out maintenance or repair the parts. Increase oil viscosity grade appropriately for high-temperature mechanical working area. At the same time, check whether the cooling system, fuel system is smooth or not. Replace aging wires, plugs, and rubber hose to prevent fuel leakage. Clean the engine body oil pollution, dust to ensure engine excellent in heat radiation.

2. Do special inspection and maintenance on machinery and equipment
The owners of the concrete pump can inspect and maintain some parts by themselves, but for some parts, for example, the circuit, and air conditioning system, it is better to inspect and maintain by equipment manufacturer and professionals to avoid unnecessary loss and dispute. After entering summer, it is no need to do comprehensive maintenance for machinery for one time; you can make a plan for the repair and maintenance based on the usage of the equipment and the daily maintenance work. It must be pay attention to equipment maintenance after entering summer.

3. Engine oil and lubricating oil need to use summer oil, and ensure the amount of oil is suitable. Check if there are frequent oil spills. Supply oil in time.

Sany Excavator SY75C-9

Holding 30% of the market share, Sany SY75C-9 has been sales champion for four successive years among the heavy excavator with the same tonnage. Equipped with the engine matching with Europestandard and adopt newly controller, which can accurately control the fuel ejecting in real time, SY75C-9 has features of higher efficiency and lower consumption.

Equipped with DOMCS dynamic optimizing smart control system and fully-new hydraulic system, SY75C-9 can use the output power of the engine to the maximum, which makes the machine faster and more durable. SY75C-9 also has high stability since enhanced X frame and strengthened working device are installed, which can extend the life of structural parts to 10%.

Weighing 7.5 tons, Sany SY75C-9 belongs to small excavators, however, the power of its engine reaches 40.9 kw, therefore, it is called “ small body with great power”. SY75C-9 adopts SLSS hydraulic system designed by international team, which makes the machine flexible and good at micro-movement. 

The enhanced working device and strengthened X chassis greatly improve the safety and reliability of SY75C-9. In addition, this machine has 8 types of optional buckets, improving the adaptability to various constructions.

What is more, the operating environment of SY75C-9 is optimal. The cab design has passed FOPS/TOPS state compulsory certification, the operator can be safe even the cab were shocked by heavy object weighing 227kg falling from 5.2 meters high. The sun-shading curtain protects the operator from the burning sun. The comfortable mechanical suspension chair can be adjusted according to the operator’s weight, which alleviates shaking and gives the driver a good rest. The extended handle matches with ergonomics, which can be operated easily and alleviate fatigue.

Long-Arm Excavator, the Fighter of excavators

Different from other excavators, the long-arm excavator adds an extension jib between the machine body and the working arm, which is supported by oil cylinder. And one working jib oil cylinder and one bucket oil cylinder are installed on the long arm, for which one set of oil cylinder operating system is equipped to support the movement of the two oil cylinders. All of these designs double the moving range of the large excavator bucket, which can go higher, deeper and further. The great changes make the long-arm excavator especial for minerals, docks, storage and emergency rescue.
The long-arm excavator has the following advantages:
1.       Need less labor
The high mechanization and simple operation of the long-arm excavator makes higher efficiency and shorter working schedule possible.
2.       High quality
In order to guarantee the reliability of the long-arm excavator in working process, strict quality standard is made to better guarantee the construction quality.
3.       High safety
The distance between the operator and the operating object is long to reduce dangers in the working process.
4.       Strong practicability
The long arm of the excavator can work in the tough place where other excavator can’t reach, and it meets the requirements of various construction sites.

The maintenance of the long-arm excavator
Good maintenance can extend the service life of the long arm and enhance working efficiency, especially in tough environment.
1.       Have the long arm greased at least two times every day. After working in muddy water, wash the machine before adding fuel. Check the joints of the working device to make sure it has enough fuel before starting working. Don’t add new oil until completely pushing the aging oil out by operating the swing arm, rod and bucket for several times.
2.       Wash the machine after working in the shore to remove the salt, and add machine oil if necessary. In cold winter, the piston rod should be put back to the hydraulic cylinder to avoid the clay and water sticking to the piston rod and damage the seal ring of the hydraulic cylinder.
The long-arm excavator should observe the following guidelines:
1.       When making a rotation, the long-arm of the excavator should be 0.5 meters high from the ground.
2.       Forbid knocking the heavy excavator vigorously when the bucket is working, walking and rotating are not allowed either.
3.       The piston rod of hydraulic cylinder should not move to the bottom, safe distance should be reserved.
4.       The long arm should not be overloaded.
5.       Don’t dig directly in the rocky area, crush the rocks before excavating.

6.       The bucket load should match with the specified standards; overload will shorten the life of the long arm and the excavator.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Keep Your Engine Cool in Summer

As summer comes, many people think of sunshine, beach, ice cream and high temperature. But for Sany, the world leading construction equipment manufacturer, hot summer and high temperature mean that more attention should be paid to the engine of heavy machine, such as excavators and cranes. If you possess a Sany product, the following guidelines which can protect your engine from damaging in the high temperature should be noticed.

There are several reasons that may cause the breakdown of the engine(of the concrete pumps) in hot summer.
1. The coolant is not enough.
2. There is something wrong with the water thermometer.
3. Too much scale incrustation in the cooling system.
4. The radiator is blocked
5. There is something wrong with the pump, for example, the fan blade may be broken.
6. The engine may bear too much load if the machine works for constant hours.

We provide some solutions towards the above problems as followings.
1. Stop and check the machine to confirm the problems.
2. Change the broken water thermometer.
3. Keep enough water in the water tank, the water level should not lower than the recommended specifications.
4. Repair the heating pipe if water seepage happens.
5. If the radiator is normal, check the cooling fan belt to see whether it breaks, stop the machine and change the belt immediately when problems are found.

6. If the thermostat is normal, check the pump and fix the problems.

SY245H-high quality of mine hydraulic excavator

SY245H is a new kind of mine hydraulic excavator product. Sany has designed it for small and medium mining heavy working conditions, and aims to improve customer investment. Compared with other brands, it has many features such as extended endurance, superior performance, low maintenance costs, easy access to management, and high adaptability.

Through 15 years of accumulation, relying on Sany's large excavator design experimental system, the service life of SY245H in mine working condition exceeds 15000h, 20% higher than ordinary excavators.

With structural optimization design, stress test, weld and plate research and some other advanced methods, Sany improves the service life of the key structure and reduces the rate of failure to 5%.

SY245H’s core components consist of a main pump, a main valve, an oil cylinder, and a reducer. Depending on the core components durability test system and cooperating with famous international research institutions, Sany devotes himself to research on core components and improves core components service life. The Oil cylinder, reducer and other hydraulic components must reach the industry standard before being used. This can ensure components service life 30% higher than the ordinary brands.

SY245H ‘s main valve is KMX15RB / b45217a-v valve, it is designed on the basis of the original KMX15RB upgrade optimization, it has high reliability, small pressure loss and high flow distribution efficiency, and smooth action compound and other advantages to help customers easily solve heavy work.

SY245H’s engine is D06FRC engine, in line with the three emissions standards. The emissions torque is 20% larger than foreign brands in general. It is powerful to be suitable for mining high torque operations.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Leading concrete machinery in the world

Equipment manufacturing is the core business of Sany group, the main products of which include concrete pump machinery, road machinery, excavating machinery, piling machinery, mobile crane machinery, crawler crane machinery, mining machinery, port machinery, wind equipment, and precision machine tool series products. These products are exported to 120 countries and regions around the world. The wind equipment, excavating machinery, large-tonnage hoisting machinery, mining machinery, full series of road machinery, piling machinery, and mobile port machinery rank No 1 in China. The concrete pump machinery ranks No 1 in the world.

Sany holds the mission of “quality changes the world”, which reflects that quality is the top priority of the company. In order to achieve this mission, Sany puts 5%-7% of annual revenue into R&D, committing to upgrading the products into the first-class standard in the world. At present, Sany group has the scientific research institutions, including a national level enterprise technology center and a post-doctoral study center in China. Also, Sany has four overseas R & D bases including India, America, Germany and Brazil, tailor-made products and services are provided for the local customers.

Insisting with the belief of service creates value, Sany attaches importance to service. Full sets of solutions will be provided for each customer including machine assembling, operation training, siting, financing service and maintenance support. We provide on-site training for all Sany products to ensure that customers understand our latest innovations in design and capability as well as master the knowledge of equipment controls. Sany global established 6S centers all over the world to provide after-sale support for customers, the maintenance technician will be at your service at the first time as long as you need them. The ECC enterprise control center can realize real-time monitoring to the equipment conditions, through which the breakdown can be removed in long distance. The GCP system can help customers monitor the equipment operating conditions, fuel consumption conditions, equipment location, moving tracking in long distance. The CSM system can track online service to provide support to customers all over the world.

High quality combining with perfect service, there is no doubt that Sany global can become a leading brand in the world. Everyone in Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Are proud of that they are the one of this group. As the leader of concrete machinery in the world. We will be more hard work to build our company. Tomorrow Sany will be more glorious.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to keep your idle crane from rusting

Many customers are attracted by Sany global crane because of its high quality, low fuel consumption and strong environment adaptability. Maintenance is very important to make your machines in good condition for long.

 Your crane may be on a vacation after heavy work, but don’t forget to take care of it because your machine is easy to get rusty when it is not used. Sany service manual gives full explanation about the precautions to keep your crane from rusting, and the main points are as follows.

  First, check the surface of your machine to make sure that the paint film covers the whole mobile crane.  Second, measures should be taken in time if the paint film on some metal structure is damaged. The best way is to clean the damaged paint film first and then brush anti-rust coating. Third, deal with the active part of the crane in the process of anti-rust job. The diesel brush of No.10 or No.-20 can not only get rid of the corr order but also make the metal surface form oil slick. Fourth, paint lubricating oil, calcium-based grease, lithium base grease, which can keep every aspect of the machine in a good condition. What is more, it is easy to clean these painting, which is convenient for the machine to get back to work at any time.

Amazing effect can be achieved if operated as Sany service instructions. Just remember that your crane can be idle, but the maintenance job can never be stopped.