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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Excavator Operating Techniques

When operating excavator, we should pay attentions to the around environment like the barriers and terrains. Pay attentions to the crawler belt to avoid collision or tipping over. Make both of the crawler belts completely touch with the ground to improve stability. The digging power is the maximum when the angle between the bucket cylinder and the rod is 90°. The cutting power is the best when the angle between the bucket teeth and the ground is 30°. The bucket rod working angle should be kept between 45°in the front and 30°in the back. And it can improve the digging efficiency when use the arm and the bucket at the same time. excavator for sale.

The large and hard rocks will damage the bucket, so some techniques should be mastered when digging in the complicated terrains. The machine body should be positioned towards the cracks of the rocks and make sure that the bucket teeth can easily insert the cracks. Only when the rocks are crashed can the excavator starts to dig. When leveling the slope, the excavators should be positioned stable and balanced. And the arm movement should be accordance with the rod movement, which is very important for the slope leveling.

When it refers to loading and unloading, good cooperation between the truck and the digger is very important, which means that the two machines should make consistent action. Both of the machines should be kept stable, otherwise, it will be hard to control the rotation and extend the working time. The hydraulic excavator should keep proper distance with the truck to avoid any collisions during the working process. Generally, the truck should be positioned lower than the digger, which can shorten the arm lifting time and provide a good vision for the operator. According to the loading experience, the sand and rubbles should be loaded before loading the big rocks, which can effectively reduce the collision to the carriage.

Sany Large Excavator is good or not, customer has the final say

Sany large excavator is built to be the best digging tool used in the toughest working environment with high efficiency and low fuel consumption. In order to keep its advantages and make more developments, Sany puts 5%-7% of annual sales into research and development, committing to promote innovations and create the maximum benefits for customers. Everything comes from customers and everything is for customers, customer is the driving force for continuous innovation and development. Whether the machine is good or not, customer has the final say.

Mr Xu is an old customer of Sany and he is very popular recently because of a video that has very high clicks on the internet. This video shows a heavy excavator working in highway construction where the large digger completes comprehensive working including earthwork digging, shale hooking and rock crushing with excellent performance in the very complicated terrain. Mr Xu is the owner of that digger and he owned 40 units of Sany equipment in total. Since the year of 2008, he has cooperated with Sany for nearly 10 years.

Speaking of that large excavator, Mr Xu is very proud and talks a lot. The machine consumes lower fuel oil and has great digging capacity. The super design with reliable components makes very coordinate movement, which creates an easy operating experience for the drivers. The fast and brisk machine movement greatly reduces the operator’s fatigue, most of who has lumbar muscle degeneration and slipped discs. What is more, Sany provides considerate after-sales service and removes worries for customers in every aspect.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Sany Truck Crane Engineer is Always Ready

As the world leading truck crane manufacturer, Sany produces advanced products with high quality and low cost. With the slogan that everything is for customer and everything comes from customer, Sany commits to making the maximum profit and proving incomparable service for customers. There are a group of people from Sany who stand on their position for 24 hours every day to be ready for reaching the customer as soon as possible, they are the international service engineers.

Mr Liu is a crane engineer, who has been in his position for nearly 20 years. He puts customers’ benefits in the first place and provides considerate service for each customer. In the past years, Mr Liu’s life schedule was simple and clear, which can be divided into three parts, waiting for calling, on the way to the customer and getting back from the customer. When asked his feelings about his work, Mr Liu says because he loves his work and feels that he is realizing his value when helping the customer solve problems. With skilled truck crane maintenance technique and rich working experience, Mr Liu is very welcomed by the customers, who think that there are no problems that Mr Liu could not solve.

There are many service engineers like Mr Liu at SANY, all of who commits themselves to their work in order to make the maximum benefits for customers. Some of them are very young but they are glad to stay in the work site to provide the best service for clients and pass their enthusiasm to the people around. Earnest, sincere, industrious and persistent, truck crane engineers are always ready for new challenges.

Excavator Maintenance in Plateau

The excavator working in Plateau may go wrong because of the extreme environment. Only knowing the reasons can we solve the problem to reduce the machine downtime and make the maximum productivity. With high altitude and low air pressure, the boiling point of the coolant decreases about 10℃ when the altitude increases 1000 meters, the boiling point decreases to 90℃ when the altitude is over 4000 meters. The decline of the coolant boiling point will cause the engine “boiling” and block the fuel pipe, making the engine be short of fuel supply and power declining. The oxygen is rare in the plateau, which is 90% of the plain. And the oxygen declines 10% as the altitude increases per 1000 meters. The declining oxygen results in heavy air mixture which can’t be sufficiently burned and makes engine produce dark smoke and reduce the power.

The roads in the plateau is rugged and steep, so the excavator needs to frequently change the driving power and speed to adapt to satisfy the complicated road conditions, which will lead to clutch separation and increase abrasion. The long and steep slopes increase the tractive resistance and make the clutch bearing overload, which may damage the clutch. And driving in the plateau needs super operating skills, otherwise, accidents may happen. Frequent braking will increase abrasion and cause damage to the machine.

In order to achieve excellent performance, the hydraulic excavator needs to be maintained regularly. The fuel oil should be used as specified. The parts should be checked to make sure the engine power is set as specified. Pay more attentions to brake and rotate system, which bears more loads to keep safe and reliable.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Excavator Sales Continues to Increase in 2017

Excavator sales volume continues to increase in January 2017, following the increasing trend of 2016. It is reported that China digger sales increases by 50% in January 2017, and Sany digger sales increases by 70%. In December 2016, China digger sales increase 75%, 15% exceeding the expectation. In the whole year of 2016, the industry sold 70320 units of digger, 11354 units more than 2015, which shows the symbol that the industry turns up from the downturn. Sany Heavy Industry, the leading construction machinery manufacturer, ranked No.1 in heavy excavator sales in 2016 and was the only enterprise that sold more than 10,000 units of excavators in China. 

In the year of 2016, Sany exports 2823 units of diggers, ranking No.1 in the industry. The reasons that Sany achieving such achievement lie in product structure adjustment and technology upgrade. The advanced technology plays an important role in Sany product manufacturing and development, which reaches world-class level. There are some reasons that make the whole digger industry rising.

With the demand for house building increasing, the need for construction excavator increases too. The new model replacing the old one is also one reason for the sales volume increasing. Generally, the service life for the construction machines is 8-10 years, so the machine bought in the year of 2008 and 2009 reached the time to be replaced. According to the market investigation, most of the used diggers have been running more than 10,000 hours, also should be updated. And some major infrastructure constructions like railway construction, city traffic construction, airport construction and new energy development increase the demand for the digging machines and promote the whole industry develop rapidly.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Excavator Examination before Working

Chinese Spring Festival comes to an end, people starts to return to work. Some people may have a body examination before working in order to keep a good physical and mental condition to make an excellent performance in a new year. That is the same rule for the excavator, which needs to be carefully checked after being idle for a long time in order to create the maximum productivity. Generally, there are three steps to go for a careful examination.

First, examination should be made before starting the machine. Check the fuel oil level and discharge the waste and water from the fuel tank. Check the engine oil level and quality. Check the hydraulic oil level and quality. Check the reduction gears and coolant to avoid any cracks and leakage. Check the lubrication conditions of the joint parts, add the lubricant if necessary. Keep the crawler belt and bolts in joint parts tight. Ensure the meters show accurate data. Second, examination during operation, preheat the hydraulic excavator with the temperature below 3℃ for several minutes. Set the machine in idle running for 5 to 10 minutes with no load to make the hydraulic oil temperature reach 40℃. In the cold days, rotate the upper body of the machine to 90°, then hold up the crawler belt to make it rotate for several circles to cast off the dirt.

Finally, check the ambient. Safety signs should be set in the entrance and surrounding of the machine parking place to avoid any dangers. The parking ground should be hard, flat and spacious enough for evacuation under emergency circumstance. The comprehensive examination can inject power to the excavator to make it create the maximum productivity and reduce the construction risk to the minimum at the same time.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to Choose Used Excavator?

Plans should be made in advance when buying used excavator. The machine model should be chosen according to the project scale, there are small digger, medium excavator and large excavator in the digger market. We can tell the machine’s approximate service life from the machine’s appearance which can give you a first impression. Generally, the color will be relatively bright for an excavator working in the plain within 5 years

Careful check should be made during the choosing process since the second-hand excavator may have some problems. Different with the new machine, the used one works with lower speed when it bears full load. The engine stops before the joystick turning back to the original position. The electromagnetic system is in abnormal condition and the working device stops working. The used excavator may produce big noise or make poor performance in micro movement. The bucket moves slowly and the working device are stagnant. These problems should be recorded, which is very important for choosing the second-hand machine. What is more, check the hydraulic system to see whether it can work normally and examine the engine through its rotary sound and emission to tell whether it is capable enough to bear the required work load.

The second-hand machine may have a lower price but also may have some problems in performance. Therefore, more attentions should be paid when choosing the used machine to avoid paying more maintenance cost. Anyway, you can get the best used hydraulic excavator as long as you make comprehensive plan in advance and pay enough effort for it.

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