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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sany Excavator Sales Ranks Industry-Leading

It is reported that the overall sales of China excavator industry in November, 2016 is 6664 units, increasing 72.6% than last year. From January to November, the overall sale is 63.4 thousand units, increasing 21% than last year. It predicted that the excavator sales of 2016 will reach 70 thousand units, which increases 20% than last year. Sany Group stands out of the industry, the excavator sales in November is 1416 units, increasing 107.02% than last year, the overall sales from January to November is more than 12000 units, ranking NO.1 in the industry, there is no doubt that the sales champion of 2016 will belong to Sany Group, whose hydraulic excavator market share in China has been NO.1 for consecutive 6 years.

The real sate development and earth foundation expansion have brought huge demand for excavator, which makes the excavator sales in November increase rapidly and continue to increase. The increasing demand also promotes development of other construction equipment, it is reported that the construction equipment sales in October is 44.79 units, increasing 6.45% than last year and 2.01% than September. The sales of loader and forklift keep increasing neck and neck, following the excavator increasing trend.

The situation of construction machinery industry turns better and better, which will make great contribution to the social and economic development of the whole country. If you want to create your own career, Sany excavator is your best choice.

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