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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Large Excavators used in Morocco Phosphorite Project

Sany large excavator is mainly used in mining construction with more strengthened parts and designs. The specialized heavy duty track and wheels for mining are strong and anti-abrasion, the wear-resistant plate makes the machine’s lifetime prolonged by 50%. The high quality and excellent performance of Sany large excavators win recognition from customers all over the world. Many overseas customers are deeply attracted by Sany large excavator’s high reliability and stability. The following is a construction case of Sany large excavator working in Morocco.

Morocco is the world’s largest country to export Phosphorite. Morocco Phosphorite group is the largest Phosphorite exploiting and fertilizer manufacturing company in the world. The group finally chose Sany large excavator to complete the Phosphorite exploiting project because of its high quality. Sany large excavator performed well in the harsh environment and worked constantly for days, which made the project go through smoothly. The customers were satisfied with Sany large excavator’s excellent performance and remarked that they have made a correct decision to choose Sany large excavator. The excellent performance of Sany large excavator can’t separate from the great support of Sany after-sales service, which had provided immediate maintenance and technical guidance to keep the machine stay in good condition all the time.

Sany large excavator’s excellent performance in Morocco had removed the worries of the potential customers who put focus on practical application, Sany believed that its products will acquire more customers in the future.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The uses of excavators in flood relief operation

In summer, heavy rains and storms usually cause significant water level rising. Excavators can play a big role in the emergency relief and rescue. This year, the flood in China has affected more than 1000 counties and causes serious damage to local farmlands, roads, houses, dykes and dams across southern China. The emergency rescue teams used large excavators to clear the blocked roads triggered by landslides in Hunan province. Most of the large excavators are equipped with multi-use working devices besides standard bucket, such as a breaking hammer, a ripper and a log gripper. If the river banks or dams are broken because of the tornado, barrier lakes are easily to put people’s life at risk, in this condition, large excavators are used to repair the river banks, dredge the sluggish river and clean the floaters in rivers, lakes.

In particular, the high-reach excavators displayed great performance and became to be the main force in the flood relief. The high reach excavators are built with optional longer boom and arm besides standard working mechanism. They are widely used for yards, subway, canals, and housing demolition. During the flood relief, high reach large excavators played a key role in cleaning the sluggish rivers and consolidating river banks with its advantage of longer boom and arm. The excavators used in Anhui province undertaking the task of building a new temporary embankment under a bridge are from Sany Heavy Industry. Its key structural components are made of reinforced steel, highly wear-resistant. The advanced hydraulic system and undercarriage of excavators ensured a safe and stable operation even while traveling in the water. 

Usage Information of Mini Excavator

Many excavator operators want to learn about the usage of an excavator. The daily routine work of an operator who uses Sany SY75 excavator is as follows:

The operator's excavator is used in municipal construction, the reconstruction of the city moat. This city moat needs rebuilding for environmental beauty and increase in usable area. Basically speaking, it is a simple work for ditching and repairing the slope, even a green hand can do the job. But during the working process, patience and carefulness are still very important. At the initial stage of the project, the bucket is used to dig a ditch in the middle of the watercourse. The width of the ditch is nearly the same size of the bucket. During the excavation, one may use a bracing wire to make sure the ditch is done in a straight line. After ditching, the operator needs to trim the slope of the watercourse. Due to the narrow scope of the watercourse, more attention should be paid. However, the operator's excavator is in the category of mini excavator, making it easy to get job done. The excavator can also be used for dismantling the house, especially the flat house. But the bad side of this work is that the excavator will become very dirty with a thick layer of soil.

The operator also gives some advice on how to choose an excavator. The excavator should be matched with the working condition and working intensity. Just like SY75, it is suitable for the jobs in rural area.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sany Excavator Works in Qatar

Eleven units of Sany’s machines have participated in the project of impounding reservoir construction, including nine units of excavators, two units of graders and two units of trailer pumps. In such an extremely dry country, this project is a national strategy of Qatar for water reservation.

Sany’s excavators win favor from all operators from different countries, since they not only look elegant but also perform well. These excavators on the working site have different responsibilities, such as excavating, loading or smashing. The operators speak highly of Sany’s excavators, since they are powerful, efficient and durable. Even though the local temperature of Qatar is always around 30-50 degree centigrade, these excavators resist the high temperature and perform steadily. Besides the excavator itself, the meticulous after-sales personnel also add the attraction of the excavators.

One Indian operator is excited about the excavator equipped with quartering hammer. He says Sany’s products are common in India, but the hydraulic excavator equipped with quartering hammer is fancy for him. Adopting the hydraulic pressure with nitrogen, the quartering hammer’s strength is quite strong. Even if the working condition in Qatar is stony, hot and dry, the quartering hammer is all-conquering. Unlike other quartering hammers which are easily broken, the life span of Sany’s machine is quite long. The high quality material, precise processing technique and thermal treatment for the surface of cylinder and piston not only lengthen the life span of the quartering hammer, but also the life span of the whole excavator.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sany SCC750E, a powerful product with delicate design

SCC750E is Sany’s third generation crawler crane. Compared with the same tonnage products, the E series products have obvious advantages in hoisting performance, working efficiency, working cost and configuration details. The main components such as pump, valve, motor, reducer of SCC750E are developed and manufactured by Sany, which have also gone through strict test and verify.

Compared with truck crane and tower crane, crawler crane SCC750E can drive with load and doesn’t need the outrigger when it is hoisting weight. The jib length is adjustable to adapt to different hoisting weight and different operation scope. The operation scope is various and flexible such as main jib, main jib+extension jib, main jib+fixed jib. The maximum lifting torque is 284t/m. The main jib length is 12m-57m. The enlarged chassis of SCC750E with the width of 4.85m and the length of 6.1m also guarantees the stable walking station.The average ground pressure is 0.09Mpa. Besides, the reducer’s huge driving force ensures that SCC750E can drive on the muddy road.

The SCC750E can also achieve confortable and easy transportation. The width of the telescopic chassis can be shortened to less than 3.4m when it drives with additional weight. Without additional weight, the overall weight is less than 33t. It makes the transportation cost much lower. The patent technology lies in its integrated control technology, which can integrate moment limiter and combination instrument. Therefore, all the parameters can be displayed on one monitor. The engine speed, fuel consumption, oil pressure, wind speed and working hour etc. can be displayed in real time.

In a word, the Sany SCC750E featues high efficient, low consumption and intelligent, which can be widely applied in working conditions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Medium Excavator SY335C

Sany excavators deliver maximum performance and ease of operation. The advanced safety and technology ensure your increased productivity without a compromise on safety and efficiency.

Sany medium excavator SY335C is mainly used in earthwork, stone exploitation, water conservancy, mining, road, and bridge and tunnel construction. With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine outputs a continuously strong operating force. The engine is designed to work in four modes -- heavy-duty, standard, light-duty, and break--according to different working conditions. The heavy-duty mode is designed for soil and rock excavation, the engine power is maximal enough for highest operating efficiency. The standard mode is for soil excavation, 90% of rated power reduces fuel consumption and noise. The light-duty mode is for soft soil excavation, 80% of rated power with low fuel consumption. The break mode adjusts flow according to different crusher models for crushing operations. And the dynamic optimization matching system (DOMCS) intelligently matches the engine system and hydraulic drive system, improving working efficiency by 6% and reducing fuel consumption by 10%. 

In the Tullow Infrastructure Project in Uganda, Sany SY335C did an excellent job in digging the waste oil in the barrel reserve, through which the Uganda government has continued to expand its oil development capability. Sany SY335C was used on the hard ground and perfectly completed the task, winning high recognition of customers.

Otherwise. Sany small excavator is also for sale. Waiting for your response. Have a nice time.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sany High-Front Shovel

The structure of high-front shovel consists of the work jib, extension jib, crude oil cylinder, working jib oil cylinder, digging bucket oil cylinder and other parts.  In the upper body bucket, clearance fit with an extension jib, and under onside of the extension jib connected to the cruel oil cylinder. The front of the extension jib is connected to the clearance fit of the working arm by axis pin, and there armed with a working jib oil cylinder between working jib and extension jib. In the front of the working jib, there is an excavator bucket which is connected to one side of the excavator bucket oil cylinder through connecting rod. The other side of the excavator bucket oil cylinder is movable fitly connected with the extension jib through connecting rod.

The advantages of excavator are as follow. For the high degree of mechanization of high-front shovel, it has simple construction organization with high construction efficiency and fast project progress. In order to ensure the reliability of extension jib during the operation, the extension jib requires high quality of excavator to better guarantee the quality of the construction project. In the progress of operation, operators should keep as far as possible away from the target to make sure safe work and reduce the risk and danger of the construction process. High-front shovel can operate in a wide range and the extension jib can extend to meet various construction requirements. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sany Excavator Ranks No.1 in the Excavator Brand Attention List

In July 7th, 2016, China Road Machinery Website and Construction Machinery Online issued the “Construction Machinery Brand Attention Ranking List in the first half of 2016”, which is based on the browsing volume and online enquiries from massive customers in the first half of 2016. This ranking list accurately reflects customers’ preference to the construction machinery brand and reveals the influence and coverage of the enterprise and product among the users. Sany excavator ranks No.1 in the list, which shows that Sany band and Sany excavators have a good reputation among the users.

Sany excavator’s extensive customer base is inseparable from Sany mission and vision. Sany is strict with quality and service all the time and believes that quality changes the world. Holding the belief that all for customers, Sany strictly control every step from designing, purchasing, manufacturing, marketing to testing, installing, examining and maintenance. Sany has branch companies and offices all around the world, the after-sales teams are always at your service. What is more, the newly established O2O department has formed a service net around the world. Therefore, no matter what kind of problems you have for your excavator, Sany will offer you the best and immediate solutions.

Sany quality service has led a transformation in the construction machinery market. Customers’ needs are always the driving force for Sany to improve product quality and service, which is also the best way to repay its faithful customers. Sany excavator deserves the reputation to be No.1 for its excellent performance in every aspect.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sany Excavators Ranked No.1 in the Excavator Market in May

According to the statistics form Chinese construction machinery business network, in May of this year, 27 domestic excavator manufacturers sold 5487 excavators in total. Among all the manufactures, Sany ranked first in excavator sales volume, and become the only one enterprise whose sale volume exceeded one thousand units. Sany’s small excavators, medium excavators are still at the top of the single product sales ranking list.

Of the first eight heavy machinery brands, Japanese and South Korean brands accounted for the majority, but homemade brands are still far ahead, while Caterpillar was the only one European enterprise that entered the list. We can see from the whole sales volume that domestic brands are still dominating the whole market, and accounted for 51.76%.

In May, the sales volume of small excavators weighting below 13 tons was 2775, accounted for 50.57% of market share; the sales volume of medium excavators (13- 30 tons) was 2094 which accounted for 38.16%; the sales volume of large excavators (over 30 tons) was 618 that accounted for 11.26%. So the advantage of small excavators is still very obvious. With the sales volume reaching almost 500, Sany Heavy Industry topped the small excavator sales list. And for medium excavators, Sany also ranked No.1.