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Friday, September 23, 2016

Excavator Cleaning Ways

Excavator is important construction equipment in many engineering constructions. It is critical to keep the excavator clean, otherwise, the slush may cause damage to the excavator. Then, how to clean the digger excavator in a better way becomes a critical issue.

First, we should prepare some necessary tools before cleaning. The tools include scraper knife, screw driver, watering can, diesel, detergent, duster cloth, rubber gloves, steel wire ball. When the tools are prepared, we can start cleaning the hydraulic excavator. What should be noticed is that the cleaning should be done in steps.

1.       Put the diesel into the watering can and pour to the stain. Scrape and wash the stain again after 10-30 minutes. The steel wire ball can be used to scrape the stain at the second time.
2.       When the diesel is used up, the detergent to clean heavy oil should be used, the detergent of heavy oil has strong power to remove the stain, so test should be made in case of leading the paint falling off. Also, this detergent has strong corrosion, which is bad for skin and nail, so rubber gloves and glasses should be wear.
3.       When the stain is cleaned, washing powder with clean water should be used to wash the excavator surface.

The above steps can be used repetitively until the excavator is completely clean.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hydraulic Excavator for Construction Applications

The hydraulic excavators are designed for various operation uses, such as excavating, leveling, digging, loading and demolishing. Commonly used in construction, road building, mining, and civil engineering projects, the hydraulic excavators are applicable for various operations. Backhoe operation of hydraulic excavators is suitable for digging an area which is lower than the excavator. When the hydraulic excavator’s boom cylinder is at 90-degree angle while the arm cylinder stays vertically, maximum digging force can be obtained through the thrusting force of each hydraulic cylinder. Make use of this angle effectively to help you achieve the maximum working efficiency of the excavator. The digging range of the hydraulic excavator’s arm is from 30 to 45°. The angle may vary according to digging depth, but it is better to keep it within the above range if possible. Do not operate the hydraulic cylinders to their full.

You can use the hydraulic excavator to dig a trench efficiently by installing a bucket suitable for this job and adjust your excavator tracks to parallel the to-be-dug trench line. When digging a wider trench, excavate first both sides of the trench and then remove the middle part. In excavating operation, the excavator track should be adjusted vertical to road shoulder or cliff, with sprockets behind the excavator cab, so that the hydraulic excavator can retreat easily in case of an emergency. For excavator loading operation in a place where the swinging angle is small, working efficiency can be improved by parking the dump truck at where the excavator operator could see easily. It is more convenient for the compact excavator to load more material if the dump truck is loaded from rear rather than from its sides.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Truck Crane Witnesses Romantic Wedding

This February, a special wedding held in Wuhan, China arise a heat discussion as the bridegroom welcomed the bride by six truck cranes. The spectacular and luxurious convoy shocked the spectators and the media, who made large-scale coverage. The convoy consists of six   truck cranes, among which there are 4 units of truck cranes weighing 50 tons and 2 units of cranes weighing 25 tons, the number six symbolizing that everything goes smoothly.

When asked why choose truck cranes as wedding cars, the bride said that he had thought of using truck cranes as wedding cars for a long time, and there are 3 reasons for his decision. First, all of his family members are engaging on truck crane business. Second, the wedding can be more different and meaningful than using Mercedes or BMW as wedding cars. Third, the colors of truck cranes are very beautiful with elegant yellow and joyful red. What is more, the performance of Sany product is excellent and  ’s service is reliable without delay. Finally, the bride told that he appreciated this special wedding, which combined his career with lifelong happiness and proved that his career can be convoy for his marriage, the two most important dreams in his life have come true.