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Monday, October 31, 2016

Want to Find True Love? Buy a Small Excavator First

My friend Ann is a smart and lovely young lady. She is a customer service specialist working for an excavator manufacturing company. She is mainly responsible for the small excavator business including communicating with the customer and solving problems for them. She loves her job very much and has deep interest in the excavator. She loves to communicate with the customers to help them solve problems and will feel great satisfied when the customer shows gratitude to her, which make her feel that she has did a good job and realized her value into the maximum. As a single lady, she also expects to be loved. She always believes that she will meet her Mr Right in the future.

One day she receives a call from a customer called Jack who has purchased one unit of small excavator from Ann’s company but there were something wrong with the machine. The customer asked many questions and Ann answered patiently with professional attitude, Jack is very satisfied. Several days later, Jack came to Ann’s company to express gratitude since Ann had provided great help to Jack, under which Jack’s small digger complete the construction project perfectly and in time. Receiving customer’s recognition, Ann felt very happy, so did the company manager. From then on, Ann communicates more with Jack and sometimes they will have meal together.

And once Ann went to Jack’s factory visit him and his small digger. Jack felt very happy and made a performance driving his little machine to Ann. The little machine danced to the joyous music by shaking its jib or making twirl. At the end Jack got off the machine and asked Ann to be his girlfriend with a bunch of flowers in hand. Ann was shocked at the stunt made by Jack and his machine and more surprised at Jack’s request. With the joyous music, Ann finally found her Mr Right.

Small Excavator, the Warrior in the Mine Construction

With population increasing, the demand for energy grows rapidly. The mineral resource is one of the most practical energy resources in the earth. Small excavator is often used in the mineral construction with its high reliability and flexibility. There are vast territory and abundant resources in China. Huili county, located in Sichuan province of China, possesses abundant mineral resources, more than 60 kinds of mineral has been found till now. However, labor is the main force in the mineral construction since the infrastructure in the county is too weak. Underground mineral exploiting is always dangerous and many accidents happened in these years, therefore, how to improve safety and enhance working efficiency at the same time becomes the main issue for the mineral exploiting enterprises.

Considering the above issues, many mineral enterprises start to use small digger to instead of labor force since the small digger is more competent to do the mineral work. Being compact and flexible, the little machine can easily move around in the narrow space of the mine. The strengthened cab can protect the operator from the falling rubble, improving safety. The compact excavator can exploit about 15 tons mineral per hour, which equals to the workload of 5 people, improving working efficiency. What is more, the cost is much lower than employing labor force.

From the above, we can see that the small excavator is more suitable than labor force in the mine construction, which not only improves working efficiency but also guarantees safety and greatly reduces the probability of causing accidents. Therefore, the small digger is called the warrior in the mine, small body with strong power.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Motor Grader Daily Maintenance

Motor grader is used very often in the road building and leveling. It is troublesome when the machine breaks down during the working process under a tight working schedule. In case of emergency, construction equipment daily maintenance is very important to keep the machine in a good condition all the time. The followings are some guidelines about the road machinery daily maintenance.

Engine is the heart of the construction equipment, the machine will stop working if the “heart” goes wrong, so more attentions should be paid to the engine of the motor grader. Before starting the engine, we should check the fuel level to make sure the machine can operate normally. What is should be noticed is that the fuel should not be filled too full since fire will be caused if the fuel overflows under high temperature. Check the fuel pipe and fuel tank to avoid any leakage. And the remaining water and other sediment should be discharged every day to keep the fuel tank clean and purified. The coolant should be added enough to keep the machine work normally. The radiator should be checked regularly to keep the machine cool and the damaged radiator should be changed immediately to keep the machine operate smoothly.

If only you master the above maintenance guidelines, your motor grader will operate in high efficiency and create more profits for you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Truck Crane Industry Development Trends

Recent years, the truck crane manufacturers are committed to improving the product quality as well as after-sales service. Many manufacturers invest a lot on research and development to keep the product safe, reliable, high-efficient and environmental friendly. Social demand is the basic source that leads these trends.

Currently, the Chinese truck crane tends to develop in large size while the mini size is more obvious in abroad brand, so the crane size will be polarization in the future. The manufacturers should increase investment on scientific research and improve the R&D capability, striving for producing more mini truck cranes with comprehensive technologies.

With fast social development, the crane truck is used more and more widely, but in most cases there are not enough spaces in the construction site to hold the large-size machines, cranes with special skills or structure are needed. It is an inevitable trend that the crane design will be intelligent and humanized, which requires the manufacturers to improve innovative awareness and take advantage of superior resources to develop their own brands and products.

The last few years have witnessed the rise of e-commerce in the construction equipment industry, which helps the truck crane manufacturers reduce cost and increase profits. The manufacturers should seize the emerging opportunity and improve their competitiveness to stand in the commanding height of the construction equipment industry.

Excavator Annual Meeting

Information from the China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) said that the 2016 Excavator Annual Meeting will be held in Changzhou, Jiangsu on 16th -18th November. The meeting will be sponsored by Excavating Machinery Chapter of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) and supported by Jiangsu Hengli High Pressure Cylinder Company Limited. And the manufacturers, dealers and suppliers in the excavating industry will attend the meeting.

According to the data analyzed by China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA), in August of 2016, 4349 units of excavators were sold by 26 excavating machinery manufacturers, increasing 44% compared with last year. From January to August of 2016, the major excavating machinery manufacturers totally sold 45485 units of excavators, increasing 2.29% than the previous year.

However, it is reported that in the first half year of 2016, 33669 units of excavating products were sold in the domestic market by 27 excavating machinery manufacturers, 4.8% declining compared with the amount of last year. According to the predicting model combining with the current economic situation and the market investigation, the excavator sales volume will reach 51 thousand units, 2.3% declining compared with the previous year. The data shows that the excavator market development still faces stern challenges. At the meeting, the new data will be published and more detailed analysis will be made.

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