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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sany 10000th Small Excavator Rollout

On December 22th, SANY announced its rollout of the 10000th small excavator of 2016 in Kunshan Industrial Park. Sany leaders attended that rollout ceremony. As the 10000th small digger and the star product, SY55U is powerful, environmental-friendly, ease of operation with fully-new NationⅢ engine, and with small body, SY55U can be used in narrow space, thus receiving high recognition from customers all around the world.

It is reported that Sany small excavator sales has been No.1 in the industry for consecutive 5 years, 1 from 3 units of small digger sold in China market belongs to Sany excavator. At the same time, Sany medium and large excavators are in short supply as well. During the past three quarters, Sany excavator sales amounts to 9934 units in China market, ranking No.1 and gets 2000 units more than the second. From this September, Sany excavator sales shows rapid development, the increasing rate from September to November is 101.12%, 129.38% and 131.30%. It is no doubt that the double-champion of excavator sales in domestic and export belongs to SANY.

In additions to the advanced products, Sany commits to providing super service delivery, which also plays an important role in attracting customers. Over the years, SANY held a series of “service activities”, removing customers’ worries and winning high recognition. Sany will produce more advanced products like the small excavator in the future. 

Something about Reach Stacker

Reach stacker is a kind of crane for lifting and discharging containers, which belongs to hoisting machinery or port machinery since it is widely used in port, wharf to handle, transport and stack various containers. Compared with forklift, the stacker features flexibility, ease of operation, higher stability and efficiency. Generally, the stacker has no definite classification, its lifting appliance can be adjusted according to the container size.

The reachstacker consists of three parts including chassis, telescopic boom and container lifting appliances. It is a very important in port equipment. The chassis system consists of engine, gearbox, steering system, cab, car frame and wheels. The telescopic boom consists of telescopic cylinder, derricking press and boom frame. The container lifting appliance consists of rotary device, upper-carriage, connecting carriage, under-carriage, telescopic cylinder and so on.

How does the reach stacker perform its daily duty? First, the stacker will discharge the containers from the truck. Second, stack the containers in the yard. Third, grad the containers and transport them to the designated place. Fourth, put the containers into the truck. When lifting the containers, the machine should be close to the containers as much as possible to keep the machine in a stable condition. The containers should be lifted straight, not slant. The distance between the container and the ground should be as low as possible when the stacker is travelling and the speed should not exceed 5 km/h, the travelling distance should not more than 100 meters. Sudden turn, over-speed and urgent braking are forbidden except special circumstances.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sany Excavator Sales Ranks Industry-Leading

It is reported that the overall sales of China excavator industry in November, 2016 is 6664 units, increasing 72.6% than last year. From January to November, the overall sale is 63.4 thousand units, increasing 21% than last year. It predicted that the excavator sales of 2016 will reach 70 thousand units, which increases 20% than last year. Sany Group stands out of the industry, the excavator sales in November is 1416 units, increasing 107.02% than last year, the overall sales from January to November is more than 12000 units, ranking NO.1 in the industry, there is no doubt that the sales champion of 2016 will belong to Sany Group, whose hydraulic excavator market share in China has been NO.1 for consecutive 6 years.

The real sate development and earth foundation expansion have brought huge demand for excavator, which makes the excavator sales in November increase rapidly and continue to increase. The increasing demand also promotes development of other construction equipment, it is reported that the construction equipment sales in October is 44.79 units, increasing 6.45% than last year and 2.01% than September. The sales of loader and forklift keep increasing neck and neck, following the excavator increasing trend.

The situation of construction machinery industry turns better and better, which will make great contribution to the social and economic development of the whole country. If you want to create your own career, Sany excavator is your best choice.

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Guidelines for Truck Crane Lubricant

Truck crane is easily abraded during working, which will cause damages to the crane and even result in stopping working. Therefore, good lubrication is very important to keep the crane working smoothly. Generally, the parts and attachments should be checked every 2-3 months to make sure the lubricant is working, and the checking period depends on the machine’s working frequency and the ambient environment.

Different lubricants should be used for different parts, which will yield twice the result with half the effort. The parts that need to be lubricated include hydraulic truck crane decelerator, wire rope, bolts, bearings, gears and impeller of hydraulic brake. There are some matters that need attention when lubricating. The lubricant in different models and brands should not be mixed, the lubricant should be kept clean, the pipeline should be washed frequently, the lubricant amount for the decelerator should not exceed the limit, otherwise, oil leak will happen.

There are some standards to examine good lubricant. The lubricant in high quality would not deteriorate in wet days and will form a layer of protective film to keep water and moisture away from the metal surface. Good lubricant would not be affected by temperature or cause chemical reaction with acid and soda. And lubricant in high quality has strong oxidation resistance to resist erosion of the salt. So much more attentions should be paid to choose the right lubricant for your truck crane, which will not only reduce downtime but also extend machine’s service life.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Something You Have to Know about Transit Mixer

Transit mixer is a kind of special truck that is used to transport concrete for engineering construction, it is also called “olive truck” because of its appearance. The mixing drum will keep rotating to prevent the concrete in the mixing drum from solidification during the transporting process. The mixing drum should be cleaned with fresh water after used to avoid the remaining concrete becoming solidified and reducing the capacity of the mixing drum.

The concrete mixer machine consists of motor chassis and concrete mixing devices. Generally, the mixing devices include mixing drum, decelerator, hydraulic system, operating and cleaning system. The mixer truck’s working procedures start from getting power from the motor chassis and driving the hydraulic pump, transferring the mechanical power into hydraulic power and sending it to the constant motor, then driving the decelerator and mixing devices to mix the concrete.

Daily maintenance is very important for transit mixer to keep a good condition for a long time. Lubricant should be paint regularly to avoid frequent abrasion. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and as specified, the sewage should not enter the hydraulic system, especially in the tough working environment. Replace the hydraulic oil once mixed with water or sand. Keep the cooling devices effective and regularly clean the hydraulic radiator to prevent being blocked. Having a good knowledge of the maintenance guidelines can not only extend the machine’s service life but also reduce downtime and save cost. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hydraulic Excavator Operating Techniques

Nowadays, more and more drivers have a good skill in operating hydraulic excavator. Safety comes first, only the excavator operator has a good knowledge of safe operating guidelines can he guarantee the safety of the machine and himself.

Check the ambient to make sure no barriers or rough terrains will impede the excavator to make a rotation. The crawler belts should be touched with the ground completely to improve the stability of the whole machine, which will prevent rollover and collision. The digging capacity can reach the maximum when the angle between the bucket cylinder and the rod, the arm cylinder and the bucket rod becomes 90°, the cutting resistance becomes the minimum when the angle between the bucket teeth and the ground is 30°. The digging efficiency can be improved when the boom and the bucket are used simultaneously. As we all know that hydraulic excavator can be used in various constructions, so different operating techniques should be used in different operating environments.

The excavator bucket should be prevented to dig rocks as much as possible since the hard rocks will make damage to the bucket. But when there is no choice, the operator should adjust the machine’s body and make the bucket cut the rock according to its cracks. Put the bucket teeth into the cracks of the rock and use the power of the rod. The complete rocks should be cracked before digging by bucket. Keep the machine stable and balanced when doing leveling work, it is very important to make a good coordination between the arm and the bucket for leveling. When the industry excavator is used to lift heavy-duty loads, the bucket should be put in an accurate position and no person should be close to the lifting loads, which will cause accident.

Piling Rig Maintenance Guidelines

Piling rig is the best drilling tool that is widely used in engineering construction. Designed to be used in various environments, it can be used in sand, clay and silt. Generally speaking, the rated power of the drilling rig is 125-450 kW, the torque is 120-400 kN.m, the maximum diameter can be 1.5-4 m, the maximum depth is 60-90m. In order to reduce the downtime and save cost, daily maintenance of the drilling rig is very necessary and important.

Malfunction One: Lack of torque power, low speed, abnormal noise
Reasons: Insufficient hydraulic oil pressure, something wrong with motor, gear box and decelerator.
Solution: Check the hydraulic system, if it is normal, the machine parts may go wrong. Check the motor and its shaft. Dismantle the piling rig decelerator, pay attention to the component order, wash all of the bolts and other parts. Replace the damaged gears and reinstall the decelerator and motor. Solution should be made once the malfunction is found to avoid enlarging the damaged area.
Malfunction Two: Wire rope abrasion
Reasons: Lack of lubricating oil, distortion of the wire rope
Solution: Replace the wire rope bearing and paint lubricant to the rope.
Malfunction Three: The mast oil cylinder leaks fuel
Reasons: The mast cracked or the oil cylinder seal was broken.

Solution: Replace the mast and the cylinder seal. 

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Small Excavator with Big Power

The excavator weighing 6 tons to 20 tons belongs to small excavator, which is widely used in landscape engineering, farmland improvement and city construction. With advanced technology and super design, Sany small digger can be used in varied constructions. The engine adopts Europeemission standard, environmental friendly and energy saving. The fully new hydraulic system makes the excavator more agile and durable. The strengthened X-undercarriage and upper working device ensures more stable performance. All of the above advantages makes Sany small digger well-received in the domestic and overseas market.

Sany small excavator has been used in the farmland improvement of Guangxi Province, China. Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, Guangxi province possesses abundant rare animal and plant resources, especially abound in subtropical fruits and thus has the name “hometown of fruits “. In order to enlarge the agricultural scale and enhance the economic profits, Guangxi government purchased Sany small diggers. Being compact energy-saving, the small digger shuttled in the field flexibly and made the farmland improvement proceed in a good order with low cost. The clients spoke highly of the small digger’s excellent performance and showed strong intent to establish deep cooperation with SANY in the future.

Small body with big power, this is Sany small excavator, which can create you more profits with low cost. Possessing one Sany small digger is the first step and also a correct choice if you want to develop your career in construction machinery industry. You should not hesitate any more, take action right now.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Excavator Maintenance Guidelines

Hydraulic excavator is the best digging tool, which are used to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface of the machine. It has become one of the main construction machineries in engineering construction. Daily maintenance is an effective way to extend its service life. Daily inspection is very important to ensure the digger to work durably and efficiently. For the self-employed, the daily inspection helps reduce maintenance costs. Here are some guidelines about the digger daily maintenance that may improve your digger’s working efficiency.

Firstly, the operators should walk around the digger twice to check if there is something wrong with the chassis, and check if there is fuel oil leaking from the slewing bearing, and then the brake deceleration device and track bolt fastener. For a wheel hydraulic excavator, the operator also needs to check whether there is something wrong with the tires and its pressure.

Secondly, you need to check whether the excavator bucket teeth are abraded, which will greatly increase resistance in the process of construction and reduce the working efficiency.

Thirdly, it is an important issue to choose the right diesel oil. The type of the diesel should be chosen according to the ambient temperature. The diesel should not mix with impurities, dust and water, otherwise, it will cause wear to the fuel pump and damage the engine of the hydraulic excavator. Open the oil drain valve to draw off the water before daily operation and fill the fuel tank after the inspection. The air in the pipeline should be removed after the fuel in the engine is used up.