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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How does Excavator Build the Mountain Road?

As the best digging tool of trenching and grading, excavator is widely used in road building. When building the mountain road, some guidelines should be kept in mind in order to guarantee smooth work and safety. The road should be wide and compacted as much as possible to avoid cave-in. Avoid working in rainy days, where the wet road and blurred sight will cause accident. Sharp turns should be avoided to guarantee the driver have a clear sight of the front road condition. The ramp angle should be considered according to the soil nature and avoid long and steep slope. Emergency lane should be set in the open space of the ramp. Avoid hard stones and creeks. Clear the barriers in the road and make sure that road surface can bear the traffic load.

Cautions and patience should be paid in the process of hydraulic excavator building road on the mountain. The digger should be parked stably, which is very important and also the precondition of the follow-up work. Using the bucket to remove the barriers like boughs and stones and then dig towards the specified direction. If the earth excavated from the mountain is not enough for the road building, branches and stones can be used in padding the road.

The excavator should walk with low speed in the road building process. Pay attention to the turning radius to avoid collisions. Of course the maintenance should not be neglected at any time, the malfunction should be solved in time before it affecting the working schedule.

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