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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Road Machinery Challenges the Impossible

From large-scale hydroelectric project to the “ridge of the world”-Qinghai-Tibet Railway, from Beijing ring six road project to the World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil, Sany road machinery never stops challenging the impossible and making wonders that cause attentions of the world.

Working in the plateau is one of the toughest challenges for road machinery. The oxygen deficit and severe cold made the engine hard to start and appear frequent flameout in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway construction, which is located in the altitude of over 5000 meters. Engineers took the initiative to research and develop the rollers, motor graders and pavers that were specially used in plateau. These customized products had great climbing capability and can be used in the low temperature with high efficiency.

Beijing ring six road construction was one of the key parts in 2008 Olympic Games project, its high technical standard and construction difficulty made a record in China road construction. 7 Units of Sany road machinery including motor grader, roller and tire roller were used in this great project.
Algeria East and West Highway is the longest highway in Algeria, which is located in heavy hills with gullies and ravines. Not limited to steep terrains, the construction area is covered with marlstone, which is called “mine field” by the road builders. As the main force, SANY provided 193 units of equipment for this project including 56 units of rollers, 32 units of motor graders, 5 units of pavers and so on. Rio de Janeiro is the host city for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. In order to welcome the two international events, Brazil spared no efforts in building the World Cup stadium and Olympic Village. About 100 units of hydraulic rollers were used in the two world projects.

With the belief of “Quality Changes the World”, Sany never stops producing more innovative construction equipment with advanced technology and commits to making more contributions to the world. Sany road machinery will continue to challenge the impossible and create more world wonders.