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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Compact excavator Maintenance Techniques

Compact excavator is widely used in engineer construction, where accidents may happen if notices are not paid enough. When the digger is working, none of the people should climb the machine or pass any items. Maintenance should not be done when the machine is working, which may cause unnecessary accidents. The hydraulic system, electric control system should not be adjusted casually and the operation should be done as specified. When discharging, the digger should start to work after the dump truck stopped stably. The digger should not collide with any parts of the dump truck when discharging and the bucket should not pass over the cab of the dump truck. The bucket should not be used to crush big and hard objects, which should be removed first.

The fuel oil should be chosen according to the ambient temperature, different bands and specifications should be matched with different working conditions, which is very important to keep the compact excavator in highly efficient. The fuel oil should not mix with any impurities, dust or water, all of which may cause serious abrasion to the fuel pump. The fuel tank should be fully filled to avoid any water producing in the interior of the tank.

Lubricant can reduce abrasion to the machine surface. It is very important to keep the lubricant clean and purified, otherwise, the lubrication will not work. Dust, sand, water and other impurities should not mix with lubricant. The filter can prevent the impurities entering fuel oil or other parts, thus it is very necessary to change the filter regularly and keep it clean. All of the above guidelines are very important and effective to keep the compact excavator in a good condition and make the maximum profits for the customers. If you want to maintain your machine well, just follow these guidelines.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wind Energy Provides Power for Netherland Trains

Netherland is known as the “hometown of tulip” and the “kingdom of windmill”, tulip and windmill are the marks of this beautiful country. As the treasure of Netherland, the wind resource once again is put into great use--providing energy for trains. All of the trains in Netherland are driven by electricity and several newly-built wind plants started to provide power for trains on the first day of 2017, which makes Netherland become the first country in the world that completes the goal of renewable energy providing power for trains. 

Wind power is one of the main sources for electricity generation in Netherland. Using wind turbine generator to generate electricity is not only environmental-friendly but also can adjust one country’s energy structure and improve people’s life quality. Reducing carbon emission is not only Netherland’s wish but also the goal of the whole world, and Netherland has set a good example for the world in renewable energy development. Actually, 75% of Netherland trains were driven by wind power till last year, and the percentage reached 100% on January 1st of this year.

The wind turbine generator appeared in the 1890s and developed fast since 1980s. In the past years, the diameter of the rotor blade kept increasing and the rated power kept improving, being more and more widely used in industrial applications. More and more countries in the world take deep interest in the wind resource development, which will make the wind power more popularized in the future. The crawler crane is an indispensable device when installing a wind mill.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How does Excavator Build the Mountain Road?

As the best digging tool of trenching and grading, excavator is widely used in road building. When building the mountain road, some guidelines should be kept in mind in order to guarantee smooth work and safety. The road should be wide and compacted as much as possible to avoid cave-in. Avoid working in rainy days, where the wet road and blurred sight will cause accident. Sharp turns should be avoided to guarantee the driver have a clear sight of the front road condition. The ramp angle should be considered according to the soil nature and avoid long and steep slope. Emergency lane should be set in the open space of the ramp. Avoid hard stones and creeks. Clear the barriers in the road and make sure that road surface can bear the traffic load.

Cautions and patience should be paid in the process of hydraulic excavator building road on the mountain. The digger should be parked stably, which is very important and also the precondition of the follow-up work. Using the bucket to remove the barriers like boughs and stones and then dig towards the specified direction. If the earth excavated from the mountain is not enough for the road building, branches and stones can be used in padding the road.

The excavator should walk with low speed in the road building process. Pay attention to the turning radius to avoid collisions. Of course the maintenance should not be neglected at any time, the malfunction should be solved in time before it affecting the working schedule.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Road Machinery Challenges the Impossible

From large-scale hydroelectric project to the “ridge of the world”-Qinghai-Tibet Railway, from Beijing ring six road project to the World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil, Sany road machinery never stops challenging the impossible and making wonders that cause attentions of the world.

Working in the plateau is one of the toughest challenges for road machinery. The oxygen deficit and severe cold made the engine hard to start and appear frequent flameout in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway construction, which is located in the altitude of over 5000 meters. Engineers took the initiative to research and develop the rollers, motor graders and pavers that were specially used in plateau. These customized products had great climbing capability and can be used in the low temperature with high efficiency.

Beijing ring six road construction was one of the key parts in 2008 Olympic Games project, its high technical standard and construction difficulty made a record in China road construction. 7 Units of Sany road machinery including motor grader, roller and tire roller were used in this great project.
Algeria East and West Highway is the longest highway in Algeria, which is located in heavy hills with gullies and ravines. Not limited to steep terrains, the construction area is covered with marlstone, which is called “mine field” by the road builders. As the main force, SANY provided 193 units of equipment for this project including 56 units of rollers, 32 units of motor graders, 5 units of pavers and so on. Rio de Janeiro is the host city for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. In order to welcome the two international events, Brazil spared no efforts in building the World Cup stadium and Olympic Village. About 100 units of hydraulic rollers were used in the two world projects.

With the belief of “Quality Changes the World”, Sany never stops producing more innovative construction equipment with advanced technology and commits to making more contributions to the world. Sany road machinery will continue to challenge the impossible and create more world wonders.

Motor Grader Applications and Maintenance Guidelines

Motor grader plays an important role in leveling and grading work in earth moving and foundation. It is widely used in large-scaled ground surface leveling, such as, highway and airport construction. The grader is a great tool to assist other machines complete working, it can be used alone or combined with other machines. In the road building, the grader is indispensable, especially in the finishing stage, where the grader will spread and flatten the soil to create a well smooth, wide-ranging and level surface, making a strong and stable foundation for the road construction.

Motor grader is a kind of earth moving and foundation machine with high speed, high efficiency, high accuracy and multiple functions. It can be used in road leveling, trenching, slope cutting, bulldozing, snow removal, earth scattering and mixing, land clearing and so on. It is an important part in mineral construction, road repairing, water conservancy and farmland improvement. The road bed is the foundation of the road surface, an important part in road construction, it bears the traffic loads, so the road bed must have high strength, stability and durability, which is the daily work of the grader, simple but tough.

Hydraulic oil is one of the most important factors that need to be maintained well in the motor grader daily maintenance. The hydraulic oil is not only the transmission medium but also the lubricant, which is used to seal the parts, and the hydraulic oil bears the role of heat dissipation as well, therefore, it is very important to keep the hydraulic oil efficient and reliable. Qualified hydraulic oil features proper viscosity, anti-rust, antioxidant and low volatility. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and avoid pollution, thus providing the machine the most purified power source.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Small Excavator Development and Maintenance Guidelines in Winter

Small excavator plays an important role in city construction and traffic infrastructure, it develops fast in the small-sized engineer construction and makes great contribution for saving labor and resources. Being compact and flexible, the small digger can be used in narrow space to make the maximum productivity, thus becoming the representative construction machinery in city construction. The small digger’s development depends on the city development, which puts forward higher requirements to the small digger including higher efficiency, higher safety, low pollution and ease of operation.

From 1970s, the hydraulic excavator had been accounted for 83% of the total excavators and now is approximately 100%. Regular maintenance should be made to keep the hydraulic devices in a good condition, especially in the winter, during which the freezing temperature will cause damages to the hydraulic parts. Before starting working, the small excavator should be set in idle running with low speed for several minutes, then speed up the engine to the maximum and make the bucket and rod running for 5 minutes. Pay attentions to the ambient to avoid injuring people or other objects around when preheating.

If the small excavator is on the shelf in winter, special care should be taken to the machine to make it ready for immediate use. Clean the surface of the machine and check the parts to avoid loose bolts. Keep the fuel oil and antifreeze in good quality and normal work. If the machine needs to be stopped for a long time, the engine coolant should be discharged completely and the accumulator should be stored in warm place.